Alan Li

Retail Operations Technical Advisor from London

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Coach: N/A

My Disciplines
Marathon Ultra marathon Mountain running Trail run Half marathon Ultra trail run

About me

Along with travelling, family and work, running plays a big part in my life. I pretty much love running all distances but trails has a special place in my heart. I'm known to be stubborn as well a resourceful individual. On Monday's and Friday's evenings, I'm also one of the run leads for the ASICS London Run Club.

My biggest achievements

ASICS Male Frontrunner Of The Year 2018, Marathon Des Sable 2015 Finisher, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc 2018 Finisher

My personal records

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Record Marathon


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My blog posts

My next goals and projects

Well, 2020 caught us all with our trousers down. With so many things cancelled or postponed (for the right reasons), it's going to take time for normality to resume. I have managed to book myself in a few gnarly mountain races (See Upcoming Events below) to keep myself sharp. A further addition to the family has also been keeping me busy during the pandemic. Here's to a better year!

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
27.01.2018 RunThrough Lea Valley 10 Miles Short Distance 01:06:32
18.02.2018 Hampton Court Half-Marathon Half-marathon 01:26:11
19.05.2018 Cape Wrath 400km, Scotland Multi-stage Ultra Finisher
23.06.2018 Cortina Trail 48Km, Italy Mountain Trail 07:13:00
14.07.2018 Grand Trail Courmayeur 100km Ultra Trail 22:39:00
31.08.2018 Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc Ultra Mountain Trail 38:13:00
13.10.2018 Autumn 100 Ultra Trail 20:15:00
12.01.2019 Country To Capital 45 Miles Ultra 6:44:00
01.02.2019 The 9 Dragons Ultra, Hong Kong Multi-stage Ultra Trail Finisher
23.03.2019 The Maverick Original Buckinghamshire Trail 1:55:16
14.04.2019 Brighton Marathon - Pacer 3:45min Marathon 03:44:58
05.05.2019 The Dragon 100K Coastal Race Ultra Trail DNS
20.05.2019 The Dragon's Back Race Multi-stage Mountain Race Finisher
12.07.2019 Sierra Nevada Ultra 100km Ultra Trail DNF
28.08.2019 UTMB TDS, 145km Ultra Trail 34:33:10
26.10.2019 Goodrunner Co 11km Trail, Seoul Trail 1:00:03
02.11.2019 Maverick Dark Surrey, Long Course 15km Trail 1:17:00
30.11.2019 Endurancelife CTS Dorset Ultra Plus Ultra Trail 10:34:56
11.12.2019 Runthrough Chase The Moon, Olympic Park 10KM 00:40:29
01.03.2020 The Vitality Official Big Half Road Half Marathon 1:25:23
06.03.2020 Runthrough Victoria Park Half Road Half Marathon 1:23:57
14.03.2020 Ashridge Boundary Run 26km Trail 2:17:15
19.04.2020 Brighton Marathon Pacer 3hr 45mins (Postponed) Marathon
26.04.2020 London Marathon (Postponed) Marathon
14.06.2020 Comrades Marathon (Postponed) Ultra
15.08.2020 Stour Valley Path 50km Trail 5:20
13.09.2020 ToRX Tor de Géant 330km (Postponed) Mountain Trail
26.09.2020 Maverick Race Ultra Peak District 54km Mountain Ultra 06:14
24.10.2020 Hardmoors 55 Ultra Trail 10:50
19.06.2021 Camino Ultra, Lea Valley 50km Ultra 5:00:00
23.07.2021 Lakeland 100 Ultra Trail DNF
10.09.2021 Ultra Trail Snowdownia 100km Ultra Trail 29:57
06.10.2021 ASICS Coast Ultra Extreme Multi-day Trail Upcoming

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