ASICS FrontRunner Raeesa Solwa Mehtar knows the importance of strength training better than most.

She gave us the lowdown on a great full body workout:

1. Roll back to single leg stand x20 each
2. Ninja jumps x10
3. Plank walk back x10
4. Lean back to push up x10
5. Burpee knee tuck to standing tuck jump x10
6. Handstand hops x10

Born to run - workout2

Running is simply a balancing act. Runners are never on both feet at the same time, so why would we train our muscles any differently. Well all know how important it is for runners to keep their muscles strong. A simple trip on the pavement, can cause a sprain for someone who does not keep their muscles strong. Once we have been running for a long time, our main focus becomes the kilometres we accumulate at the end of the week and it's more difficult to tell where our weaknesses are. 

Born to run - workout3

We don't realise our muscle imbalances until we become injured. This is why I feel like strength, core, balance, single leg training and full body workouts are so important. Balancing is controlled by your hip and core primarily. Gaining an awareness of our body in space is extremely important for injury prevention for recreational exercisers and runners, and these exercises will build both muscular endurance and balance needed for safe running.

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