Smoothies are a great meal for athletes. However, although they are quick to make (and drink) the trick is to get the nutrient and energy balance right. The biggest problem with smoothies is that they can be too concentrated, and too big.

Here are some tips to make a well-balanced smoothie:

The right amount of fruit
Don't overfill that blender, use about two fist-sized portions of fruit per serving.

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Don't add juice
It may seem like an obvious way to add volume, but fruit juice should generally not be added to smoothies as it is too concentrated. Through some ice in the blender, better yet, freeze your fruit (berries do really well this way).

Add some fibre
Some oats, bran or nutritional yeast is a very good addition to any smoothie.

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Fats are good (if they are good)
Add a small portion of good fats - seeds (we particularly like chia), nuts, peanut butter or an oil such as hemp, macadamia or avocado will go a long way.

*Featured image by Alex Loup on Unsplash