The humble SQUAT is a strength-training staple for all endurance athletes. And yet too many people get it wrong. The poor form not only means you don't get all the benefits, but you could be on the fast track to injury. Here's how to do it right"

Most common mistakes

Perfect form

Position your feet just wider than your shoulders and turned slightly outwards (10-15 degrees) to ensure that during flexion the knees stay in line with the feet. Focus on putting firm pressure through your heels onto the ground.

Now, if you are using a bar, place it over your trapezius muscle, across the back of your shoulders. NOT over your neck.

Make sure you have a wide grip on the bar, so your elbows are flexed between 70 and 90 degrees. Keep the descent well controlled. It should take you longer than four seconds to sink down, (but rise quickly). 

Perfect form for the descent (and this is the kicker) is when your knee bisects the foot with tip of the knee just over the toes. Back straight. Keeping your head up and looking straight ahead helps with this.

Fill your lungs for the full for the squat and lift back up.

*image: Sam Sabourin on Unsplash