ASICS South Africa is proud to announce that ultra trail runner Matthew Healy joins the team in 2021 and is poised to take his trail career to the next level.

Healy has had something of a meteoric rise in the gruelling sport. Over the past two years, the 25-year-old, ex-Sharks Academy rugby player has crafted a leaner, meaner version of himself.


The Capetonian has lost nearly 20 kilograms in his quest to become a pro endurance racer and – in a discipline that traditionally requires years of conditioning – has managed to taste real success in a relatively short time. Healy first popped up on the elite trail running scene at the beginning of 2019, as the youngest name on the elite start lists.


In those short 24 months since his top results include winning the Addo Elephant Trail Run 50-miler (76km) in conditions where temperatures reached record highs of around 50 degrees Celsius, and currently holding second place (behind its creator Ryan Sandes) on the 13 Peaks FKT challenge.

Healy prides himself on his ability to be extremely focused and disciplined, and believes consistency is the key to great results. "As clichéd as it sounds, in the world of endurance sport,  and in particular ultra running, you just have to be at your craft every day for long, focussed hours," he says. 

Healy's plans for 2021 include tackling the Addo 100-miler, which will be the furthest distance he's ever raced, as well as, (global situation-depending) an international race. 


"There will also be a lot of focus on Ultra Trail Cape Town at the end of the year – it being on the World Tour – and then I'm looking to perhaps do some more charity events, potentially a 24-hour challenge of sorts," adds the man who ran 114kms in his garden to raise funds for charity during hard lockdown. 

"Matt is completely obsessed with Ultra Trail Running," says ASICS FrontRunner Brendan Lombard, who has been coaching Healy for the past two years. "Yes, our sport is beautiful and we see the most extraordinary landscapes, but when it comes down to the racing there is no time to stop and smell the flowers. He is here to race and it is that hunger for success he has, that will help him realise his goals."

We're looking forward to joining Matthew on the long haul, follow his journey on his social channels  and blog