MY ASICS includes a variety of training types to make you run faster. One of the most interesting is the Build-up Run. This excellent training helps you develop not only speed but the stamina to keep up a high pace.

Build-up Runs

Build-up Runs consist of three parts. The training instruction gives you a start and finish pace guideline. The aim of the session is to begin at the starting pace, then increase your pace, and then increase it a second time to finish on or as close as possible to the finishing pace.

The Build-up Run starts below your AT Pace and then gradually increases it to end above your AT Pace. This way you develop both speed and stamina in one training session. But it can be quite challenging towards the end of the run!

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How to do the Build-up Run

For example, your plan gives you a training instruction for a Build-up Run saying you must run in a pace range of 5.34 min/km - 5.05 min/km to finish in around 40 minutes.

Here is how you do the run:

  1. start at 5.34 min/km and maintain this pace for about 10 mins
  2. increase your pace to 5.25 min/km for the next 15-20 mins
  3. increase your pace again, to 5.05 min/km and run this pace for the last 10-15 mins

Depending on your comfort level you can stay on the second pace a bit longer or step it up to the finishing pace. Needless to say, the longer you run at the finishing pace the tougher the training becomes.

It’s important to only increase your pace when you feel you can handle it. Don’t increase it and then have to slow down towards the end of the session. Of course this is hard to judge, but you will get better with practise.

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