ASICS FrontRunner Caroline Pule is a road runner, but on this day she took to the trails, and it made all the difference - she fills us in:

TRAIL: Platteklip Gorge, Table Mountain
TRAILHEAD: Just past the lower cableway station on Tafelberg Road
 ASICS GEL- Fujirado

I’m usually a road runner, but on this day the weather was just so perfect that we decided to take on the beautiful mountain in our backyard. The route we chose was up (and back down!) Platteklip Gorge.

For someone who is not normally a trail runner I found it quite technical but absolutely exhilarating at the same time. There are so many steps that at certain times you are power-hiking and not running.

I ran in the ASICS GEL- Fujirado shoes and the grip was absolutely phenomenal, especially on the steps up.

Then, then on the descent they were amazing too and really added to my confidence. I felt like I was flying on that descent. Fellow ASICS FrontRunner, Nic Rupanga has been giving me some trail running tips on runs in Newlands Forest and those really paid off - I put them to good use.

The vibe on the trail was really nice too. So many tourists out, and the runners were all very encouraging and motivating! That –aside from the amazing adventure – made it really special.

Trail running is a great way for road runners to diversify - I would strongly recommend adding it to your training regime. It challenges you on another level - not just pushing your time against kilometres... I mean, on the road it is all about distance and time…On the trail it is a mental game, and focus and technique are so important. Also, 10kms can easily take 90-minutes (or even more).

Sometimes as a road runner you can just get tired of all the noise while road running too. I would recommend trail running once in a while because it really makes you appreciate nature and the natural sounds out there and that is really refreshing.