For ASICS trail runner Robbie Rorich, spending time on Table Mountain is always very special. He views the mountain as a magnificent and super-powerful place. In 2022 he finished the 100-miler at the RMB UTCT 100-miler in 28 hours, 9th overall. This year he is running the 100 miler again and is viewing it as 'a massive figure eight ceremony.' We caught up with him to find out how he's feeling ahead of this year's run. 

What did you learn from last year’s 100-miler that you will apply this year?

Last year, I learned a Buddhist mantra and chanted it all through the night. I think I’ll find another one for this year too! It felt really good. I definitely learned just how long 100M is and how gently keeping on going in the hard times really does go a long way.

Robbie Rorich skyrace (c) Fahwaaz Cornelius

What is your goal? Just to cruise and enjoy the mountain, to see how it goes, or to go full gas and race for a position?

I’d really love to finish. Speaking today for another interview, I talked about our ‘zero point’ as the place where we are in total harmony. The place from where all energy comes. For me, that place is in motion, especially in the mountains. So I’d like to spend time there (at that zero point), all of it if possible.

Has your racing philosophy changed over the past year? You’ve had a busy and highly successful season.

My understanding of racing has definitely changed over the past year. I think now it’s more back to how I felt when I first started trail running in 2016. Having no expectations of results and still knowing that anything is possible.

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What have you learned from Adventure Racing that you will apply to UTCT?

Oh, adventure racing, the great teacher of outdoors and racing! I've learned so much from this. A massive one is how to just keep going. A funny thing seems to happen and our bodies seem to learn a super energy-efficient way of moving forward. Then even when we have lots of energy, we can keep in that zone and just move, and move. Also, how to spend very little time at transitions. 

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