In this article we will examine how to assist with improving this capacity in your upper body, focusing on shoulders and arms.

Simple observation of the degree of hypertrophic development (or noticeable growth) of the brachial biceps and the femoral quadriceps of some of the strongest players on the international circuit confirms the essential nature of striving for a high level of strength and the important role this currently plays in tennis.

Although with the right proportions, young tennis players or amateur players must also try to improve the Strength that can be produced by their muscular system.

I have had many opportunities to talk with the coaches and physical trainers of professional tennis players and they have confirmed that, during the months of October and November, physical and athletic conditions can be, and should be, created for tackling the indoor tournament season, followed by the outdoor season, in the best possible way.

There is an extremely wide variety of exercises to develop and improve Strength Capacity. Even professional players do not choose the same exercises from the many variations: some prefer exercises influenced by classic weight training, others pay more attention to the prevention of injuries, while others follow "fashions" originating in the world of fitness.

Training to improve upper body Strength involves powerful yet "delicate" muscle groups. In order to preserve maximum function from the muscles in question, every exercise involving weights will be preceded by an exercise with bands and followed by a throwing test with a weighted ball.         

The suggested exercises are just one example of Strength training, which, as always, we recommend carrying out after a thorough warm-up and under the guidance of very experienced staff.

  1. "French" band: In a standing position, hold one end of the band against the wall with one shoulder and the other end with two hands out in front of the same shoulder. Carry out 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions of small circular movements in front of you in a figure of eight shape. This exercise is a favourite of many of the best French players.
  2. Vertical bench press: Sit on the vertical press holding two dumbbells. Push strongly with your arms and shoulders to raise the dumbbells above your head, being careful to fully lock your pelvis so as not to arch your back, particularly in the lumbar area. Repeat the exercise for 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions with a weight that allows you to carry out all the repetitions in the set with a certain amount of difficulty.
  3. Ball throw forehand/backhand: Standing with your legs apart hold a weighted ball of between 3kg and 4kg; carry out 10 to 12 throws on the right and left simulating forehand and backhand shots, including the movements of the lower limbs and the twisting of the chest.