Ever heard the saying 'Summer speed is built in Winter?' Well, now you have. With shorter, darker days outdoor training time gets less and less. Don't let that get you down... Here is how you can make the most of the weather by hitting the gym and building some explosive power - great for trail running, or when you need that extra ‘kick’ at the next club road time trial.

Dynamic forward lunge
Load 50kg plates onto a barbell and stand 60cm behind it, holding a pair of dumbbells by your sides. (Using a barbell in this manner improves both form and focus). Lunge over the bar with one foot so that back of your front leg is just in front of the bar (taking care to not let your knee extend over your front foot). Then push back to the starting position. Alternate legs and do six  of each.

Dynamic side lunge
Leave the barbell where it is and position yourself so that it’s on your left side. Lift your leg over the bar, bringing your foot up high enough that it doesn’t hit the bar. Bend your left knee and lower your body as far as you can. Push back up explosively. Do six reps, then repeat with your other leg.

Single-leg deadlift reach
Stand behind the loaded barbell on your right leg and hold a dumbbell in your left hand. Keeping your back naturally arched, push your hips back and lower the weight towards the barbell. Touch the bar with the weight, then rise. Aim for six reps.