ASICS FrontRunner Khomotso Mokgonyana recently put new ASICS GLIDERIDE to the test and her experiences could benefit you:

"I did both short and long training runs in them," says Mokgonyana. "To be honest, at first glance my thoughts were that they looked a bit heavy considering my small size and low weight, but I was both surprised and impressed at how it felt the moment I put them on." 

According to Mokgonyana she found the shoe to be lightweight and responsive. "It really allowed me to go faster. I also found it to offer incredible stability." 

What she found most interesting (and impressive) however, was the rocker sole.


The upper material of the GLIDERIDE is a softer mesh. The mesh allows the foot to breathe easily as the intensity of the training or running increases.  The guide sole which is called the Glidesole increases the running efficiency, which propels you forward making it easier to go further and longer effortlessly. "It feels like drawing energy from the shoe to keep moving. It is perfect for endurance," Mokgonyana says.

In addition, she found the curved midsole and Flytefoam is soft and bouncy. "The extra cushioning creates a bounce back when I hit the ground. It is far better than any other shoe I have ran in before. It reduces the shock on the foot and it gives a complete sense of protection. The muscles work less and the landing is much softer and easier on the ankles overall." 

In conclusion, Mokgonyana says she would recommend it for both long distance races and longer training sessions. "It provides you with that magical flying feeling. This is definitely my new staple training shoe."