Have you embarked on a fitness journey but can't seem to stay consistent with your training? Here are some of ASICS Frontrunner Melandi Venter's top tips to help you stay on track...

“Firstly, don’t stress yourself out too much as this is quite normal when starting out, Melandi says. “The fact that you have made the decision to start is already an achievement, I hope these tips can make a difference to you in staying consistent.”


Setting goals is such an important part of your training and most people seem to skip this step. Think about it this way when you are planning a holiday it is important to choose your destination first, as you won't know how much you need to save or where to even begin. In this case, your destination is your END GOAL and your savings and planning are the small achievable goals that will help you to get to that end goal/destination.

Think about where you want to be at the end of your journey and write it down. Now that you have your big goal in place it is time to set some small achievable goals that will help you get there and keep you consistent. If your end goal is running a 21km and you are only starting out. Running a 5km and then a 10km is a good example of a small achievable goal. Reaching your small goals will put you one step closer to the end and will also uplift you when you achieve those goals and that will help you to stay consistent as you will want to come back for more.


2. Choose the correct equipment

Being ‘comfortable’ on a run plays a very important role when it comes to running and staying consistent. Choosing the wrong gear can cause injuries and discomfort that will stop you from training. My personal favourite is the ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 23. This shoe not only provides comfort but stability for longer runs. It is exactly how they describe it "like running on clouds.” If you are a Neutral runner I would recommend you give them a try. You won't want to buy any other shoe after you have experienced the comfort this specific shoe supplies.

3. Find yourself a training partner

If you find it hard to stay consistent finding yourself a training partner will defiantly make a difference. You get to keep each other accountable and push each other to your limits. Long runs are so much better with good company, laughs and nothing beats the after run coffee dates. Some things are just better together. So before you continue phone that friend of yours and get them to join in on your running journey.

4. Eliminate those excuses

Now for the more serious topic that stops 80% of people. The EXCUSES! If you want to start your running journey you need to know that at the beginning excuses will be your biggest downfall. It is so easy to make an excuse not to train. You need to remind yourself how important reaching your goals are. It will be hard in the beginning as you would need to make time for your training and fit it into your schedule. At first 30 min of training would be perfect to get you started. After you have mastered your 30min you can start to add some time to your training. At first, finding 30min in your day to train is much easier than trying to fit in an hour of training. As soon as you are into a routine it will become easier and easier with time. Just be patient and trust the process.

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