Does a run mean more than just a run to you? 

Do you run to reconnect, to feel empowered? Then the new GEL-CUMULUS 22 is for you... 

GEL Cumulus 22 Group Shot

Feel the comfort of GEL™ technology cushioning and a silky underfoot experience. Feel absorbed in the pillowy ride of a FLYTEFOAM™ midsole. Feel energised as a soft upper wraps your foot like a second skin. 

This is the best GEL CUMULUS running shoe ever. Why? Because this update is lighter, softer, and overs a better transition from footstrike to toe-o than its predecessor for a more comfortable ride. The added comfort is found all around the foot thanks to a soft new upper mesh. The improved transition comes from a new segmented midsole/outsole design under the heel. This configuration works with a soft midsole foam and deeper lex grooves in the forefoot for a superb transition from heel-strike to toe-off. All of these updates mean the GEL CUMULUS™ 22 model beats the competition in all-around comfort.

ASICS FrontRunner Nic Rupanga has done over 200kms in his GEL CUMULUS 22s. 

"I found these to be lighter and more flexible than the CUMULUS 21s," he says. 


"The GEL unit on the heel is also bigger and it has a single-material upper. The mid-sole has FLYTEFOAM which make it lightweight and aids with shock absorption. I've been really impressed by the upgrades from the 21," he said.




• A segmented heel design better insulates impact forces for

a softer, smoother footstrike.

• Softer (lower durometer) FLYTEFOAM™ midsole foam creates

a pillowy, lighter underfoot feel.

• A soft upper mesh wraps the foot like a second skin.

• A plush sockliner improves step-in feel.


• At just 10.1 ounces/285 grams for a U.S. men’s size 9

(women’s version is 6.9 ounces/195 grams), this is the lightest

version of the GEL CUMULUS™ running shoe yet.*


• Deeper forefoot lex grooves work with softer foam to give

the GEL CUMULUS™ 22 model a fantastic transition from

mid-stance to toe.