There is a lot you can do with a 5km radius and three hours of running time. Here is how so of our ASICS FrontRunner have made the most of it: 

Megan Lagerwey - Nelspruit 
Honestly, I've run in every direction I can within my 5km radius. I've absolutely loved the bit of freedom we've been given and I've even found new running routes around my house that I didn't know existed! Can you imagine what I'll find when we get upgraded? Bring on the adventure!

JP Burger - Stellenbosch 
I have been cycling a lot on the stationary trainer via Zwift, I usually do that later in the day and use the morning  exercise time to do a short run within the radius. 

Tracy-Lee Dalton - Gauteng 
I have been on lockdown with my family in JHB, and they live in an enclosed area which has a route that is roughly 3km around the circumference of it. I have run circles around every street and cul de sac inside, to the point where I could do it blindfolded and know exactly where I am. This week we ventured out of the housing area to a petrol station about 3km away for a delicious Seattle Coffee, which is the only operating ‘coffee shop’ in our area.

Mariella Sawyer - Cape Town
My training has still remained very much structured and most days I have a bike set in the mornings which mean that I haven’t been getting out as much in our 6-9 window. But I have been enjoying a little walk from time to time and on my recovery days just a little trot around the neighbourhood has been so refreshing.

Admire Muzopambwa - Gauteng
Early on I mapped out the radius within the 5km boundary and from there chose two routes which include hills and flats. I alternate between running and cycling those.