The latest ’22 Collection is inspired by Yozakura: Japan’s cherry blossom at night

Sweaty, red faced and baby hairs flying around. That’s the reality of women who exercise. ASICS is celebrating this reality and encouraging women to share their sweaty selfies in an effort to show that strength, approval and identity comes from within and not from the likes on a social media post.

The uplifting power of running has remained a constant over the past years and more and more people have discovered the benefits of running on their body and mind. Yet, research shows women are still less active than men*. ASICS’ “This Is For Me” campaign, is encouraging women to get moving and experience the uplifting effect of movement for themselves. With the right products to support this journey, ASICS hopes to get ‘her’ moving to conquer the everyday challenges.

Apparel Designed to Support Women

The Spring/Summer ’22 Collection is inspired by Yozakura: Japan’s cherry blossom at night. Selected items reference a powerful all over print, influenced by Kumiko, a traditional Japanese technique to assemble wooden pieces.

Collection highlights include the ASICS SAKURA Bra with a supportive fit and bounce limiting straps for women in movement. With soft mesh panels and a bounce-free, sweat-proof phone pocket, the SAKURA AOP tights complement the bra, providing support and comfort whilst on the run. For runs on windy and rainy days, the ACCELERATE Light Jacket is the perfect companion. Protecting you against the elements, and with visible reflective on front and back, it allows for excellent freedom of movement.

Female Specific Shoe Technology

Including adjusted sole heights, softer materials and space TRUSSTICTM technology to flow better through the stride, the GEL-NIMBUSTM 24 shoe and GEL-KAYANOTM 28 shoe of the collection have been designed to cater to the needs of female runners.

The ASICS YOZAKURATM Collection is available to purchase at your nearest ASICS Store.