It's not rocket science, just real science.

This year, we have been developing and testing ASICS Movement for Mind – a simple programme of mindful outdoor movement – and the results are in. In one of the largest, independent, randomised control trials of its kind, we discovered just how effective movement is at improving our mental wellbeing.


Simple, fun and effective.

Since our foundation, we’ve known that movement helps promote a sound mind in a sound body. Now we can reveal how and how much. Working with one of the world's leading mental health researchers, we devised an 8-week programme to put the theory to the test. Just two 30-minute sessions, twice a week, can measurably improve how we feel. Walking or running, it all works. 

Going back to our roots.

ASICS Movement for Mind is grounded in science, but also in history. We looked at the things that make us human – controlled, unforced movement, being part of the natural world, staying aware and connected – and combined them in a simple audio series. Led by renowned experts in their fields, ASICS Movement for Mind is designed for everyone, regardless of fitness level or experience.

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What is ASICS Movement for Mind?

With 16 sessions over 8 weeks, ASICS Movement for Mind is a coordinated programme of movement with a focus on being more aware of your body and mind. You can run or walk, and each session builds on the last. You'll learn how to breathe as you move, mindful physical movement, the mind-body connection, appreciating nature and music and simple mindful meditation.


How we did it.

Professor Brendon Stubbs is one of the leading researchers into movement and mental health. He oversaw the research trial that studied the effectiveness of ASICS Movement for Mind. Around 200 volunteers from the UK and the Netherlands took part, from partner companies including Google, Facebook and Danone.

Meet the experts.

ASICS Movement for Mind was developed in partnership with seven experts across a range of disciplines. They combined movement with breathwork, mindfulness, visualisation, music and nature appreciation to create our unique programme.

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Try ASICS Movement for Mind.

Now you know it works, why don't you give the programme a try? All you need is a phone, a pair of headphones and some comfortable clothes and shoes. Each session is 30 minutes long and is designed to be done outside. You can choose whether to walk or run. So, connect, relax and enjoy.

Listen to ASICS Movement for Mind below or on one of the following podcast players.

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