At ASICS, we believe that movement can transform the way you see the world. According to the ASICS Global State of Mind Index, the more people move, the more positive they are. And that has never been more important than now.

The undeniable link between exercise and improved mental wellbeing keeps inspiring us to get more people around the world to move for their minds. Even a short 15 minutes of exercise can impact your mood.

Movement can transform your perspective of the world. #LiveUplifted

#LiveUplifted With ASICS's Athletes & Ambassadors

Abigail Marano

Volleyball Player

"Believing in myself, inspiring others."

Muhaizar Bin Mohamad


"To me, discipline is everything."

Kasidit Samrej

Tennis Athlete

"When you live uplifted, the world slows down."

Chantalle Ng

Mediacorp Artiste

"I don't just feel better. I become better."

Lam Quang Nhat


"You will push on, and you will conquer."

Run and Live Uplifted with ASICS

Live Uplifted

See the impact of movement on your mind.

Even the smallest amount of exercise can lift the mind. With the Mind Uplifter™ tool, for the first time ever, you can see the difference that movement makes. Your unique Mind Uplift will help build the World Uplift Map and you’ll help power the global effect. It’s true: when you move your mind, you can uplift the world.


ASICS’ State of Mind Study, involving 37,000 people, demonstrates the positive link between movement and mental health but highlights a worrying “Exercise Generation Gap.” 

The ground-breaking study reveals that Gen Z exercises for nearly an hour less and has lower State of Mind scores than older generations.  

But there’s good news.  While people think that 30 minutes is the minimum amount of exercise needed to feel uplifted, ASICS research shows that just 15.09 minutes can be all it takes to feel the mental benefits. 

Live Uplifted
Mind Race

Just 15.09 minutes of exercise to uplift the mind

Thanks to thousands of people who have participated in ASICS’ Uplifting Minds study, the data shows it could take only 15 minutes and 9 seconds of exercise to uplift the mind.

The findings are part of a live, global study, overseen by leading movement and mental health researcher Professor Brendon Stubbs.

Keep moving since 1949

Since our founding in 1949, we have witnessed people embodying Sound Mind, Sound Body. From the beginning, Kihachiro Onitsuka understood that sports have the power to uplift people's moods, create positivity, and advance things. We still believe that sport has this kind of power.