Reach new peaks in a whole new level of comfort. ASICS’ women’s walking shoes bring you the latest technology in hiking and rambling footwear to ensure you get the most out of your exercise. Our women’s athletic walking shoes offer unparalleled cushioning, style and support, and that means that you can walk further, without friction, rubbing or irritation.

So what do you need to look for in a pair of women’s walking shoes? Whether you’re climbing mountains or simply rambling along country lanes, your footwear must offer excellent, sturdy support as you tackle unpredictable ground. Look for shoes that use breathable, water-resistant fabrics to keep you fresh and dry. The top walking shoes for women will also include impact-cushioning features for superior comfort, and you should also look for shoes with tough rubber soles.

Once your feet are fitted out, explore our range of waterproof jackets for serious hiking, and choose a comfortable bag or pack to carry your belongings. Want to go faster? Explore our selection of trail running shoes for women.