You’re grappling with a tough opponent, the mat is slippery and you’re feeling the strain: you need to be confident your wrestling shoes won’t let you down. We built our wrestling shoes to give you the certainty that you won’t slip at a crucial moment, using durable materials and supportive design. At ASICS we work in close collaboration with wrestling pros to bring you the best wrestling shoes – whether you’re in the finals of a competition or perfecting a move in training.

Selecting the right wrestling shoes is the most important equipment decision you’re likely to make with your sport. Wrestling demands a lot of your footwear so expect a shoe which gives you incredible grip to stop you sliding, and which uses breathable material to keep you cool throughout your match. To prevent injuries, choose trainers with full ankle support (and match them with knee pads to eliminate bruising and grazes).

Make sure you’re kitted out with a hoodie or sweatshirt to keep you warm between rounds, and choose a solid holdall or rucksack to carry your gear.