00:00-00:01 Video opens with ASICS branded on yellow background, fades out to show the Men's Gel-Nimbus 21 positioned in the clouds with copy "Distance Running, Made Comfortable"

00:01-00:04 Shoe spins back and forth until the image pans out to a female running on a brick road.

00:04-00:06 Female runs down brick street with building alongside, onto and over a bridge.

00:06-00:07 Image pans out to the Women's Nimbus on a cloud image focusing in on the toe

00:07-00:09 Focus moves inside the knit upper of the shoe highlighting the detail of the improved fit.

00:09-00:13 Back to female running through on a road through concrete structures. Close up of female running from a side angle.

00:13-00:17 Close up of Nimbus 21 focusing in on Flytefoam sole highlighting detail of energized cushioning.

00:17-00:19 Back to female running through same concrete environment. Close up of female running from a front angle.

00:19-00:23 We see the sole of the shoe focusing on the Gel technology. Enter the sole of shoe with highlights on the detail of the maximum shock absorption.

00:23-00:25 Close up image of females foot and leg running on cloud-like background.

00:25-00:30 Image pans out to female back on a road outlined with trees running that then becomes covered in cloud-like features. Copy reads: GEL-NIMBUS 21 Distance Running Made Comfortable.