ASICS FrontRunner Themba Madima is a practical person and fussy person (that's how he describes himself). And, especially particular about running shoes. We got him to share his 5 top highlights about the new GLIDERIDE


  1. The Weight The first thing I’m always very conscious of is the weight of the shoe. We all know weight matters when it comes to speed on the track, road or other terrains. The GLIDERIDE weighs in at 289 grams which for a distance everyday training shoes is perfect, making it lighter than the METARIDE with is 305 grams.
  2. The Comfort This is everything especially on long runs and the GLIDERIDE does not compromise on this, in fact it feels so much more comfortable with 7% more cushioning the the METARIDE. The GLIDERIDE stacks the best technology for cushioning using the Flytefoam as the top “marshmallow” layer which feels great on the feet, the next layer is the EVA Guide plate combined with the GEL technology, and a more solid Flytefoam at the bottom to complete the stack. I found that the conventional rubber at the sole of the shoe gave it better grip on the road as well as well whilst running on all surfaces.
  3. The Fit The fit is important and the Upper Mesh on the GLIDERIDE is great as it gives the foot the support it needs, and also allows the foot to breathe.
  4. The Drop The drop is always something you need to know when getting a shoe as this allows you to transition into the 'new' shoes. The GLIDERIDE has a 5mm heel-to-toe drop (31mm at the heel and 26mm to the forefoot) so it gives the stability and control that is more familiar to the everyday runner.
  5. The look I know this is the most important thing for the first-time runner for who looks and may be the first point of attraction  (where for a seasoned runner that might become irrelevant). With that said - this shoe turns heads and makes a statement of note! The design and the colours grab attention and ask onlookers, “please put me on” and once your foot is inside you are immediately in love.

I always say, if you are skeptical or intrigued by a shoe, the only way to find out is to PUT THEM ON! As Shakira wanted to say “My Feet Don’t Lie.”