Whatever your goals as a runner, at some point you might find yourself saying: ‘I want to get faster!’

If this is you, A crucial part of your training programme needs to be strength training. Strength breeds speed... Here's why:

Explosive movements needed for improved velocity, and sprinting with power, are reliant upon muscle force. Exercises like weighted lunges, dumbbell pistol squats, sled pushes, deadlifts, and even box jumps are all great examples to incorporate into your routine. It only takes 20 minutes, a few times a week, to feel enormous benefit. An added bonus, strength training aids not only in gaining speed but also in keeping fatigue at bay.

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(C) Chelsea Bartz

Just 15 minutes of core workouts a few days a week have shown to benefit speed. A strong core assists with endurance levels and can enhance running economy - the science behind oxygen and energy factors at play within your body that contribute to maintaining speed. The goal of an efficient running economy is to use less energy during a given distance. This, in turn, helps store that extra boost in a power reserve for when you most need it.

Here's a list of resources to help you power up: