With 42 consecutive Comrades Marathon finishes, 33 Two Oceans, and more than 500 standard marathons, ASICS FrontRunner Wietse van der Westhuizen knows a thing or two about distance shoes...

"I must say I was doubtful in January when I had to change from my favourite Nimbus 21 to the new 22’s," the Capetonian says. 

"But from the moment I put them on, I fell in love." 

Since then, Wietse has done almost 900kms in this pair, including a 56km lockdown ultra on his treadmill. 

"I don’t want to bore you with the technical details but ASICS listened to the feedback from runners and subsequently the new model has more cushioning on the forefoot (thanks to 2mm of FLYTEFOAM), a more roomier toe box and extra rear cushioning." 

According to Wietse he experienced no issues during his epic 56km treadmill effort. "I’m quite pleased to report that these provided me with good stability. Although it was my first time running that distance on the treadmill I was very happy that there was minimal strain and I could train the next day," he says. 


By now Wietse would usually been have been at around the 1500kms training mark in the build up to Comrades and on his third pair of running shoes due to the mileage. "Due to the lockdown I’ve pushed the limits of this pair to 900km and reckon I could easily get another 100kms into them," he says, before adding, "in my 43 years of running Comrades this must be the best shoe I have ever run in."