This workout was originally designed as part of a track speedwork programme, but you can easily do it on a flat piece of road too. 

Rather than focusing on sheer speed, running longer intervals such a 1000m (1K) will build your endurance and teach you how to hold a faster pace for longer.

The Workout

The longer repeats focus on pacing, teaching you to control pace at the start and then finish strong. Don’t think too far ahead in this workout – focus on the interval you are in.

Begin with a short warm up of 4 laps (1600 m) at a comfortable, easy pace. Pause and perform any drills or dynamic stretches such as high knees or butt kicks, and then begin the workout. The workout involves 5 repeats of of 1000 meters (2.5 track laps) starting at a hard but controlled pace—approximately your 10K race effort. With each repeat, try to finish a couple seconds faster, until you work down to running the final repeat at your 5K race effort.

5K race effort is approximately 2 minutes per mile faster than your normal easy run pace. If you have recently raced a 5K, use your time from that race. To determine your 10K race pace, simply add about 15 seconds to your 5K pace. Run the 400m recovery jogs slow enough that your breathing returns to normal.