I started running 6 years ago and that decision has change my life completely.

I was a sedentary person and not eating very well at all, that lifestyle made me become overweight. I felt bad about myself and didn't have energy at all. But a few years ago I decided to change my diet and to try to get in shape.. The easiest sport for me to start with was running. Since then I lost about 20 kilos and I am right now competing on a quite high level.

My dad was the first one to convince me to start running with him. The first day was horrible and I thought “I CAN'T DO THIS, THIS IS NOT FOR ME” but I decided not to give up that easy. I set up an objective and did not stop until I achieved it: being a healthy and active person.  I did start with the famous WA-RU (walk-run) very slowly until I managed to run my first 10K without stopping. I still remember that day and that feeling!

Once I got used to it I signed up for my first 10K race and since then I could not stop running. This is addictive!

In September 2018 I decided to start training with my coach Jose Luis Rodriguez Escudero, together as a team we set up new goals and I got into the athletic world.

Now I train 6 days a week and I had the pleasure to run in some national tournaments. I love the feeling of overcoming and achieving new challenges.

Running gave me a new lifestyle. But it also changed my life in many other important ways. I gained so many new friends, I met my partner, improved my self confidence and are eager to get a better version of myself every day.

Running has changed my life completely. Can you imagine how can it change yours?

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