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How to choose your first running shoes

How to Choose Your First Running Shoes

3 september 2021

Thinking about getting into running? Read about the different types of ASICS running shoes and which ones are best suited to your needs.

Have you been inspired by footage of the London 10K and thought “I can do that”, or decided that now is the time to have a go at the Couch to 5K? Whatever your motivation, before you start pounding the pavements, the first step is to find a suitable pair of running shoes.

Finding running shoes that are perfectly suited to your body type and running style can set you up for a lifetime of running and not just a few months. With that in mind, here are a few questions to ask yourself before you invest in running shoes for beginners. You can also head over to the ASICS Shoe Finder for more help.

How to select running shoes for beginners: 5 questions to ask

1.How far do you want to run?

Is your heart set on completing a marathon? If so, look for running shoes with lots of cushioning and comfort, otherwise, those 26 miles could seem an awful lot longer. You also need to think about the high mileage you’ll cover while you’re training. Good comfort makes sticking to your running plan easier and much more enjoyable.

2.What terrain will you run on?

You wouldn’t take a Ferrari off-road. In the same way, you wouldn’t want to do trail running in a pair of road shoes. There are shoes designed for beginners across all types of running – from trails to track - so it’s important that you find the right fit. You also need to think about the kind of weather you’ll be running in. Shoes with plenty of grip will keep you stable and secure when it’s raining on the road or when you’re running on slippery or muddy trails.

Take a look at our guides to choosing the right trail running shoes and road running shoes for more tips.

3.What’s your pronation type?

Pronation is the term used to describe the way your foot rolls when you walk and run. Try to find out your pronation type before you consider buying running shoes as every shoe on the market is suitable for a specific pronation type.

If you overpronate, when your foot rolls inward too far, or underpronate, when your foot doesn’t roll inward enough, then you’ll need a shoe that helps to correct your running style and supports you every step of the way. Find out what are the best running shoes for beginners with different pronation types.

4.What’s your budget?

It’s worthwhile spending as much as you can comfortably afford on a good pair of running shoes that are comfortable, durable and will provide the support you need during training runs and races. Take a look at our recommendations below.


What are the best running shoes for beginners?

With so many different running shoe designs and styles available at ASICS, here’s a quick guide to some of our best running shoes for beginners to help you find the perfect fit for your running goals.

  • You want to run a marathon - If your target is to run a marathon or half marathon or you intend to do a lot of long-distance training, you should look for a running shoe that has plenty of cushioning and comfort, such as the GEL-NIMBUS ™.
  • You’re going to run on trails - If you’re heading out into the great outdoors, you need a shoe that provides plenty of grip, whatever the weather. The GEL-TRABUCO™ for men and women is our most iconic trail running shoe that provides unbeatable durability, protection and grip for beginners and runners at every level.
  • You’re an overpronator - The best running shoes for beginners who overpronate are stability shoes that have a firmer midsole on the arch side of the foot for additional support and a lighter foam on the outside edge to maximise shock absorption. The ASICS GEL-KAYANO ™ is one of our most popular running shoes for overpronators.
  • You have wide or narrow feet - Choosing the right running shoes when you have wide or narrow feet can be a challenge. Beginners need all the support and stability they can get. That’s why our most popular ASICS running shoes come in various width profiles. Take a look at our shoe width guide to find out more.