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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Running and Avoid Injury

Aug 12, 2017
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Change Up Your Running Surface

For most runners, pavement tends to be the surfaces of choice. But it’s also the hardest and most unforgiving surface. So try to vary where you run to reduce the strain on your body:

Varying your run is not only easier on your feet and legs, but it also breaks the repetitiveness of running. This may provide a bit of extra motivation to your normal routine.

Find out more about alternatives to road running

Break Free From Your Routine

Variation is the key to optimal training. It’s easy to slip into a routine of running the same distance at a certain speed. The easiest way to work in something different is to follow a training plan.

A training plan creates balance and variety with a combination of longer and shorter runs as well as interval running and pace running. This will gradually add speed and distance to your training which will help you progress further in your running.

Challenge yourself and start a Runkeeper™ training plan

Invest in the Right Shoes

Your running shoes are the only things cushioning your impact with the ground. The right level of cushioning can minimize your risk of injury.

To help alleviate the stress on your body from running, we offer a variety of running shoes to protect your feet and absorb the shock of impact. The construction of these shoes include:

We carefully select targeted technology in the design so your shoes are tailored to how and where you train.

For long runs:

For faster, shorter runs:

And if you’re heading off road or on a trail run:

Strengthen Your Feet

Train your body from the ground up with exercises to strengthen the muscles in your feet. This added step to your training routine can also improve your performance as your push-off power increases.

Check out these exercises from MY ASICS to help you build strong muscles in your feet.

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