ASICS Knowledge Base: Running Tips and Training Advice

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Shoe Advice and Running Tips

From shoe selection for yourself and kids to training and injury prevention - we cover the bases with experts in podiatry and biomechanics.

Choosing the Right Running Shoe

We provide a rundown on running shoes to help you measure and find the right size, choose the best shoe for your unique foot, know when your shoes need replacing, and even learn new lacing techniques.

Training and Running Tips

Whether you're new to running and looking to learn how to get started or an experienced runner wanting to improve distance, increase speed, break out of a rut, or train for an event - we've covered the topics important to you.

Running Injury Prevention

Avoid a running injury by knowing the common setbacks to be careful of and how to stretch or strength train to prevent them. 

Kids Shoes

Find out how to find the perfect fit for their developing feet and the most important features to look for. We also address Sever's Disease and how to support children through growing pains.