Kids Shoes

How to find the perfect pair

Feet are the foundation of your whole body, and with the non-stop nature of children, it's important their little feet are in a supportive and protective pair of kids shoes.

As a parent, the best thing you can do to support your kid’s every step is provide them with the footwear that guides their movement with protection.

From midfoot support to heel cushioning to upper stability, there’s a lot involved in giving your kids optimum support – and a comfortable shoe to adventure and explore in.

Discover what to look out for in kids shoes, with our guide on everything you need to know about supportive footwear


Finding the right shoe size for kids can be challenging with their quick rate of growth and change! It’s vital this constant development is supported and protected with the right shoes. We’ve provided some insights on how to measure your kid’s feet, find the perfectly fitting pair of shoes, and keep those growing feet constantly supported.  


Support, protection, and durability. They’re the three key elements to look for in kids shoes – supporting their growth, development and ensuring they’re always in comfort. Podiatrist Monique Ujdur from Big Foot Podiatry gives us advice on finding these crucial elements in kids shoes, and recognising when it’s time for a new pair.


When it comes to looking after your little athlete’s feet, the right footwear plays a huge part in supporting their comfort and performance. We’ve laid out some helpful advice around what to look out for in your kids sports shoes, and what common sports demand of your kids shoes. Read on to find out how the right features in footwear will help your little athlete thrive.


Sever’s disease is the most common form of heel pain in children. While it’s not permanent, it can be a painful problem for kids to endure. As a parent, it’s important to know what puts your kids at risk of developing the disease and how you can best support their recovery. Monique Ujdur of Big Foot Podiatry talks us through what you can do to support your kids.

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