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Training and Running Tips

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Training for running requires dedication and hard work, and there’s much more to it than putting one foot in front of the other.

Increasing your running distance, planning for an event, or tackling new tracks – there’s always a new goal that can spark your interest and require more education on the ins and outs of the sport. And for those thinking about getting into running, it can all be a bit overwhelming!

But with the right plan in action to drive your success, training as a runner can be exciting and achievable for anyone.

From getting started running to preparing for your first milestone event, we lay out the best tips and advice to get your training on track.

How to Start Running

Accessible, easy to get into, and carrying many health benefits – running is one of the best things you can do for your body. But as with any other sport, it's important to have a plan in order before you jump in. Reference our guide for beginner runners on what to organize and how to prepare before you hit the road running!

Increasing Your Running Distance

It’s only natural to want to run further and faster once you’ve got into the swing of the sport, and your motivation to succeed is high. When it comes to increasing your running distance, there’s more involved than meets the eye. It’s something that not only takes a level of fitness and technique but also careful monitoring to ensure it’s done safely.

Improving Running Speed

Are you constantly asking yourself how to improve your running speed? Did you know that strength is a massive part of achieving a faster pace? There’s also quite a lot of other things you should think about if you’re looking to increase running speed – from the right running form, to the training techniques that will help you get there.

Breaking Out of A Rut

It’s not uncommon to get into a slump with your running routine. In fact, most runners will face a cruel encounter with boredom. But remember this doesn’t have to place a permanent impact on your training. Keep your motivation for fitness high, and change up your routine with our useful tips on what can help put the spark back into your running.

Training For An Event

Many runners choose to partake in the countless New Zealand running events, as they’re a great way to drive motivation forward and put excitement into training. Getting yourself on track with a training plan and making sure you have the right gear and equipment, is key in properly preparing for the big day.

Tips for Running Training

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