What inspires this Kiwi rugby star to move

Since kicking off his professional rugby career at the age of 20, Ardie Savea has gone from strength to strength.

Coming from a rugby family, with his older brother, Julian Savea a fellow New Zealand Rugby player, Savea has always been passionate about keeping fit and staying active.

For Savea, his dream came true when he was selected for the All Blacks squad in 2016. With one of the most memorable debuts to date, Savea has made a name for himself in the NZ rugby arena.

Now, partnering with ASICS, Ardie Savea is on a mission to share his story and encourage Kiwi’s to get out and move. Read on to learn more about his story.

What does MOVEMENT mean to you?

“To me, It’s all about motivating myself to get out there and be active,” says Savea. “It’s about fitness and balancing my day with different activities, whether it be rugby training, taking my dogs out for runs, or playing basketball with the lads.”

“At the end of the day, I just try to be active in some way. It makes me feel strong and confident.”

Why do you think an active lifestyle is important?

“I think it’s really important to move everyday,” says Savea. “It not only helps your physical, but your mental wellbeing too.”

“That’s why I think being active daily is so important, especially for our youth. Whether it’s rugby or soccer, or any other sport. At the end of the day, it’s about staying fit and healthy.”

For Savea, being a part of a team is a huge motivator. “Getting out there and being active gives you an opportunity to meet people. That’s what got me into the sport, the people along the way. To me, making friendships is the best thing about rugby. It’s a good way for young people to stay active and be in a team environment. Through NZ rugby, I’ve made some of my best mates and now I’ve got a really tight core group.”

What has your rugby journey been like?

Having grown up in a rugby family, with older brother Julian Savea playing for the NZ rugby squad and both parents avid players, the sport was always a part of Savea’s life.

“Having my family and older brother play, that always inspired me,” he tells us. “When I was a kid, I’d watch all my heroes on TV. Seeing Jonah Lomu out there on the field was a huge inspiration to me. Playing professional rugby was always a dream, but part of me didn’t think it would actually happen.”

After making the Hurricanes in 2013, everything went fast for Savea. “After the Hurricanes, I was selected for the All Blacks squad. Now I’m playing at the Super Rugby and international Rugby Championship level, competing against teams from all over the world.”

So what’s the next step in his rugby journey? “Now my dream is to be the best in the world,” says Savea. “It’s an ambitious dream, but so was playing for the All Blacks. That’s part of what I try to be all about. Always pushing yourself to move and improve, and reach the next goal.”

How do you empower yourself to move and achieve your goals?

“When I’m on the field with my teammates, I’m always thinking about what I can do to make every match the best it can be and put my all into it. I think back to my dream as a kid and recognise how far I’ve come.”

Savea also finds inspiration off the field in the more creative space. “About a year ago, I started my own clothing business. It was always a dream of mine, ever since I was a little kid.”

To Ardie, it’s the balance of rugby and his clothing business that empowers him. “It’s like my creative outlet. When I’m out all day on the field, it’s great to go home and work on something totally different, but which is still a big passion.”

How do you face challenges and setbacks?

“For me, the main challenge is injuries,” Savea tells us. “When you’re injured, you can be out for six months. It’s can be real tough not playing and being out there on the field with the brothers.”

Always the optimist, Savea doesn’t let these challenges stop him. “With any challenge, there’s another opportunity to grow with something else. If an injury takes me off the field, then I’ll use that opportunity to grow in other parts of my life, like my clothing business.”

What is one philosophy that you live by?

“I’m a big believer in being yourself,” Savea tell us. “I think these days, a lot of young people are pressured to be something different, especially when it comes to social media. And you know what, sometimes I get caught up in that too. Trying to be someone else to make other people happy.”

“At the end of the day, you’ve got to just be yourself and feel confident in that. Having people around who love and support you is a huge motivator.”

As for advice for aspiring players, Savea says to never forget to have fun.

“When you have a dream and a goal, along the way you might forget why you wanted it in the first place. My advice is to hold on to that dream – think back to the times when you were a kid and you’d just go out to have fun.”

“Whether you’re a pro, or just like kicking the ball around with your mates, you should always remember to keep that feeling of joy. Because, when it comes down to it, life’s all about having fun.”

What’s your MOVEMENT story?

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