How a morning rave is the key to breaking up your workout routine and a great way to wake up!
They say variety is the spice of life, and we agree! When it comes to training, we all have different goals. Yet, there comes a time when adding more variety into your routine is essential – whether you're a professional athlete or an everyday Kiwi looking to better your best.  

How do you know it’s time for a change?  

Have you been leaving workouts feeling stressed or mentally and physically drained? Or do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Instead of adding in another strength training session or a run to up your endorphins, try something different! Swap out one of your normal gym sessions for something else: boxing, yoga ...or even a morning rave... A morning what? Yep, you read correctly! Every Wednesday morning, from 6:30 to 8:30 am, you can work out by joining a pumping dance party at Whammy Bar – hosted by the team supporting Morning People events.  

A new way of life: party first, work later  

Does this sound like the perfect way to live? For those of you who don’t necessarily want to hit the gym early for more of the same, a morning rave could really kick start your morning! You’ll be surprised how a simple change in routine or environment can help you reduce boredom and increase motivation! This workout is one the better ones out there right now if you want to feel good and get away from your version of typical. To get the scoop on why dancing before work is a great way to round out your training routine and get a great start to the day, we asked sisters Sam and Charlotte Harrison, New Zealand hockey players, to try it out and report back.  

Let the music work its magic  

If you’ve never tried this sort of workout, you might be wondering: “What would it be like to just get out of bed and dance? Won’t it be awkward?” Great beats get you moving, whether it’s your own workout playlist for the gym or a DJ spinning tracks at a morning rave. “The music was bassy and uplifting, so it made you get into it,” says Sam. “You might walk in thinking a quick coffee is the best way to get started, but soon the urge to move takes over!” Sam Harrison, 26, was selected for the New Zealand Black Sticks national squad in 2009 and represented our nation at the 2012 London Olympics. She currently supports the team as a striker and has 124 test caps under her belt.
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What we loved about it 

“This is such a fun way to get going. You aren’t simply running on a treadmill or completing a certain number of reps, which can feel like hard work,” says Sam. 

“When Sammy and I turned up at the door, it felt like we were going clubbing to be honest. You're just dancing to the music like it’s a Saturday night, except everyone is in their activewear and sneakers and ready to rage!” says Charlotte. “When you look around, it’s clear everyone there is having fun – which is awesome!”

In 2005, Charlotte became the youngest player ever selected to play for the Black Sticks. She also represented New Zealand at the 2012 London Olympics. Now 28, health and wellness remain a big passion though she’s not playing internationally anymore.

Our advice for a great experience:

1) Dress to move well. “I would choose to wear the clothing you love training in because you want to feel comfortable as you would with any other workout,” says Sam. “I wore my ASICS seamless tights for this reason.” 

“Think about any time you’ve gone out dancing in the evening or you’ve gone to a concert, except at a morning rave you can wear clothing that lets you feel good,” says Charlotte. “I wore my ASICS DynaFlyte sneakers for maximum comfort.” 

“Breathable fabrics also make a big difference. You can dance for the full two hours without having to sit out for a bit or overheating! And of course, clothes that let you move freely with confidence are best. You can just dance without worrying about how your shoes feel or what your clothes are doing!” says Sam.

2) Stick to the essentials. You’ll also want to feel free to move any way the beat demands. Put your stash pockets to good use and stow the essentials: keys, ID (not that you need one to get in), $15 cash for entry and maybe your mobile. This way, everything you need is handy but you’re not bogged down. 

Take advantage of layers, too. Auckland weather changes fast, so it’s good to have an outer layer in case of wind or rain or to fend off that early morning chill. But once you join your fellow ravers, you’ll want to keep cool by tying your hoodie or long-sleeve tee around your waist.

3) Stay hydrated. Cold water is readily available at the bar. It’s a good idea to sip on some H2O just as you would during any other workout. Water helps your brain, liver and kidneys function well! There’s also coffee and juice on hand for a little extra energy boost if you need it. 

4) Have fun! If you’re switching up your normal routine, this workout will leave you feeling good. “I normally train seven sessions per week in order to be game ready,” says Sam. “While I couldn’t do this as a replacement session, it’s still great fun and I’ve already told friends about it!” 

What about the after party? Bring on the workday!

Whatever your reality looks like after a morning rave, you’ll hit the streets with the confidence of a lion. This is a great feeling as most people are still waking up and exploring the world like meek kittens. 

“Normally when I get up that early, I tend to fade a little bit through the day. Maybe it was the music still ringing in my years, but I felt energised and more awake all day long. I didn’t feel like I had just been to the gym or out for run,” says Charlotte. “Sam and I fully recommend giving this a try to spice up your normal training routine. It would be even more fun to round up your mates and go together.”

With that, the Harrison sisters leave to you get out and experience this new fitness trend for yourself!

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