If you’re looking to cut your times, performance running gear gives you those small gains that can add up to faster times. Here are 7 reasons why your clothing really matters…

Support your muscles with highly-elasticated fabric

Performance running tights can keep your legs well-supported. They work to improve your posture and give you smoother movement. With high elasticated panels at your thighs and knees, they also cushion your joints and cut down muscle fatigue.

Stay cool and comfortable with lightweight gear 

The heavier your clothing, the slower you’ll run. So whatever the weather, go for the lightest gear which lets you run freely. It’s more comfortable when you’re doing long distances and also keeps you cooler since you’re running with less weight.

Run at your optimum temperature with warm and breathable gear

Winter running is made much easier with clothing that’s warm and breathable. You don’t want to be cold and you don’t want to sweat too much – so performance running gear gives you the right mix of warmth and breathability. 

Keep dry and comfortable with waterproof clothing 

There’s nothing worse than running in wet clothing. It’s uncomfortable and you’re more at risk of getting sick. If the weather is unpredictable, take a packable jacket and be ready if it starts raining.

Support your style of running with the right shoes

There are hundreds of running shoes to choose from, but finding the right level of support, cushioning and weight can make a huge difference to your running. From reduced risk of injury to improved comfort, getting the right shoe fit can really help you develop as a runner.

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Help your muscles recover with compressive fabric

Graduated compression in your running socks can either reduce fatigue while you’re running or help your muscles recover after you’ve stopped. Both help you to alleviate the stress that you put on your calf, ankle and foot muscles.

Stay hydrated during your run with water bottle belts

On top of your clothing, picking a water bottle belt makes sure you have enough water for your run. It’s useful for trail runners who are running in the wilderness, but it also helps road runners to stay hydrated and keep their pace high.

Getting the right gear is one half of improving your performance and bettering your times. Combining performance gear with a customised training plan gives you the best results.

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