Trying to improve as a runner often means getting out there and running more. But repeating the same training routine can get boring, and it can start to affect your performance. By mixing up your training regimen, you can achieve new milestones and  strengthen different muscles in your body.

Putting Together a Varied Training Routine
A new training plan lets you fit in different types of running. When all of these styles work together, you get improved fitness and greater strength.

A varied training plan could include:

The perfect training plan is the one that meets your needs and helps you meet your goals. Ready to put one together?

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How a Change in Your Running Plan Helps

Reduces the Risk of Injury
You can overstress your body by always repeating the same running route. Muscles can grow weary if you do the same distance, surface and duration.

Strengthens Different Muscle Groups
Running at different speeds and on varied surfaces pushes your body and improves your strength. It stimulates different muscles and gets you running faster.

Natural running helps you strengthen your feet muscles and tendons. Your feet are less constricted and you get a more direct ground feel.

Improves your speed
Lighter shoes and apparel can make you go faster. Using ultra-lightweight running shoes on some of your runs can boost your speed. When you go back to your everyday running shoes, that extra speed stays with you.

Speed running helps you increase your stride length and/or stride frequency. 

Increases your stamina
Adding in long-distance trail runs improves your fitness and strengthens different muscle groups. You’ll see gains on whatever surface you normally run on.

Trail running helps you build up your muscles in a very specific way - but it also adds freedom to your running.

The gear you need

1. Natural running shoes: lighter, less cushioned and more flexible for a more direct ground feel and dynamic push off

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2. Speed running shoes: lighter and with a lower heel for a more dynamic push

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3. Trail running shoes: support and grip for off-road protection, comfort and traction

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