Stacey Fluhler believes in the power of positivity, looking back at moments when her teammates in life and sport have given her that mental boost.

Follow this diary to see how a team environment can boost your body and mind.

Diary 1:

Stacey Fluhler, Black Ferns Sevens star and ASICS Ambassador, shares her Sound Mind Sound Body video diary. Stacey explores how her teammates are a vital part of why she loves sport and that regardless of the situation we're in, we can always find positive mental benefits from sport. Having a sense of team, and a support network is an important part of our identity and allows us to feel fulfilled both mentally and physically.

We thank Stacey for being so open with us as we share the positive mental benefits associated with sport and physical activity.

Diary 2:

There are many pressures associated with high-performance sport (and let's face it, all parts of our life) but we can deal with that through appreciation. In this Sound Mind Sound Body diary, Stacey shares how her experience using appreciation as a tool helps her to get the most enjoyment out of her time on and off the sports field.

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