With a penchant for pushing the boundaries of how far he can go, Braden Currie is on a path he continuously carves the distance on. Because of this Braden has been recognised as a top multi-sport competitor earning the title of Asia Pacific Ironman Champion, NZ Off & On-road Triathlon Champion, and 3 time World Multisport Champion.

The love of the race fuels him and with his scopes currently aimed at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii set for October 2020 he's been making use of life in lockdown to train in new ways. 

"In these times, it comes down to doing what you can rather than focusing on what you can’t," says Braden 

"For me, it meant biking and running. I've put a lot of time into the bike over the last few months and I know it's paying off. My swim and run have developed a lot over the last few years and I know I can pull out what I need to on race day. The bike is a place where I know I still had gains to be made and I hadn’t had the time or place in my year to commit entirely to a biking block."

We wanted to learn more about Braden, his go-to favourites for running, and what keeps him tracking the kilometres. Below he shares with us how he maintains a sound mind in a sound body.

Braden Currie Trail Running

Morning, lunchtime, evening runner?

Lunchtime. Especially this time of year. Nice to feel a bit of sun on the back.  

Favourite post-run snack/meal?

I am a bit of a leftovers guy. I normally just get out a fry pan and throw together some veggies, protein, etc. Then add some salt, some mayo, and hot sauce and I am a happy man.   

Outside of your shoes, what’s one running essential you can’t go without?

E-perb (Electronic Positioning Emergency Radio Beacon)…as I sometimes get carried away when I go trail running.

Best piece of running advice you’ve ever received?

Run faster (from my wife)….*laughs*

Running solo or running in a group?


Music, Podcast, or your own thoughts? What are they?

Podcasts…keeps me ticking over, rather than trying to beat records. I like beating records, but it’s not always my coach's mandate.

In 3 words how would you describe yourself as a runner?

Gangly, fluid, yet spatially aware. 

Favourite running route in NZ?

Goat’s Pass. I love Goat's Pass because it's technical, scenic, and a true adventure. 

Favourite running event in NZ and why?
Routeburn Classic because it’s epic. Great single track, good technical terrain, and a good distance for me.

What is your favourite event distance?

I like longer races. I like endurance. Anything that keeps me out for more than 4-5 hours is good.

Running distance a week?

50-60kms. It's a lot lower than most pro’s racing Ironman but it seems to work for me.

I run because….

It takes me places I couldn’t get to otherwise.
I love it, the ability to go wherever I want to go. Space freedom.

Favourite ASICS shoes?


Living in beautiful Wanaka with his wife Sally and two children, Tarn (11) and Bella (7), Braden has been spending this recent lockdown lifestyle with his family doing jobs around the house, cooking, playing board games, and all hanging out together. "I've really enjoyed my time at home. The simple life is one I have always enjoyed." As the lockdown is winding down, he and his family are getting back to being pretty busy with kids flat out with school work, Braden fitting in 25 hours of training a week, and Sally back to working hard on her computer with a few projects they have on the go. "It doesn’t take long to go back to your old habits. But there’s been some really memorable parts of all of this and I think a few changes to our daily life and how we live that we will keep moving forward."

When Braden’s not training he's been winding down with a spa and stout beer. With life not being so regimented as it has been, he's enjoyed having a bit more time in the day allowing him to relax and enjoy more downtime. "It’s been nice. I feel like a normal person having this time." This includes getting competitive in new ways. "As a family, we play a game called Settlers of Catan. It’s pretty good and one we can all enjoy. I am not very good at it. Turns out I don’t like trading and like to keep all the resources in my pocket for a rainy day. It hasn’t really worked out for me so far, with my 7-year-old daughter beating me on regular occasions."

Interested in reading more about Braden’s favourite discipline? Whether you’re new to trail running or looking to improve - up your routine with our Trail Running Techniques to Improve Form. Also, check out the ASICS range of trail running shoes and be ready to hit the trails.