Are you looking for ways of staying active at home through lockdown? ASICS Ambassadors have you covered with some of their top methods of working out from the comfort of home - no equipment needed. Staying active during this time will benefit you in a number of significant ways, from helping to maintain a more positive mindset and providing more restful sleep, to offsetting all those snacks. Find some inspiration in the workouts below. 

Sarah Cowley Ross' Bear Crawls & Body Weight Squats

20 mins will get you puffing! 

On the minute go for 10 rounds with a 2 minute break and then 8 rounds.


Ralph Cabansag At Home Workout

Warm Up: 5-minute jog

Bench Set: 60 seconds each x 3 rounds

Using a park bench or stairs

Run Set: 5 rounds

Abs Set: 5 rounds

Claire Turnbull's Fighting Fit Workout

Claire Turnbull's Fighting Fit Workout

30 minutes

4 rounds

20 repetitions each time

Richie Hardcore's Conditioning + Full-Body Strength

Working out at home with Richie Hardcore

45 Minutes

Warm Up: Jog or Skip for 5 minutes

3 rounds of each exercise

Main Workout

2-3 rounds of each

60 seconds rest after each movement

Lorraine ScapensAbs & Arms

20 minutes

Working out at home with Lorraine Scapens

With water-bottles or canned food as weights and a chair.

Complete 3 rounds

Warm Up

Main Workout

Interested in more inspiration for staying active? Visit our Knowledge Base to learn about running - we cover some of our best training tips, injury prevention, and choosing the right running shoe for you.