Whether you’re looking for a challenging trail run or a long weekend walking track, New Zealand has some of the most beautiful trails in the world. We talked to ASICS ambassador, Ralph Cabansag about his favourite trails and secured some top tips for your next adventure. 

Ralph Cabansag is an Auckland based endurance sport enthusiast. Ralph’s event schedule is hard to keep up with competing in everything from SUP surfing and running to cycling and swimming all over the country. Ralph has a passion for trail running and is our go-to for advice on getting out of the office and into the outdoors.

Ralph’s favourite New Zealand trails

Depending on your distance from these trails and your fitness level, these trails can be completed in a day whether you’re walking or running. These are Ralph’s top three favourite trails.

Ralph Cabansag
Ralph Cabansag

Ralph’s top tips for making the most of your day out on the trail

For Ralph, being prepared and keeping safe are essential to ensuring you have a great experience on the trail. Here are his keys to making the most of your trail run or weekend walk.

Getting the right trail footwear

If you’re looking at hitting the trail more frequently a good pair of trail running shoes can be well worth the investment. New Zealand trails can be uneven, muddy and full of rocks and roots. A good pair of trail shoes protect your feet and provide better traction.

When hitting the trails Ralph wears the Fuji Lyte XT. He also trains in the GEL-Kayano for longer runs and DS Trainer for racing and speed work.

Does a new trail beat an old favourite?

“The whole reason we love trail running as a community is the inherent sense of adventure boiling away inside of us. Finding a new trail, with new sights and new challenges is what it’s all about!”


In the Auckland region look out for trail closures because of the spread of Kauri dieback. Respect the efforts being made to halt the progress of this disease to New Zealand's beautiful trees by visiting the cleaning station before hitting the trail. All it takes is a pinhead of soil to spread the disease. Avoid going off the track and damaging fragile root systems.

With rough terrain a constant level of alertness is required to avoid tripping on obstacles or slipping. Keep your eyes on the trail, and create a line of travel by focusing four to five steps ahead, planning your steps for the next few strides.

Whatever your weekend walk or trail running adventure looks like, ASICS is passionate about supporting your journey. Shop our trail running footwear and make sure you have the best shoe for your next trail.