Get social and reach your next personal best

With social workouts you join others with similar fitness goals. You gain a sense of team and the motivation that comes with training together. Of course, you can always join a spin class at the gym or try yoga, but social workouts are evolving.  Who says your workout has to be tied to a gym environment?

There’s a growing number of options to help you make the most of your daily surroundings -- whether that’s the beach, a nearby park or the city centre. Group or social workouts have some great benefits, including:

Social workouts motivate you to work harder

Did you know that social exercise is scientifically-backed?

A study by a group of scientists at MIT recently found that working out socially actually pushes you to exercise harder because we’re influenced by those around us.  

That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people that will motivate you to move toward your goals. 

Beyond comparing exercise patterns with others, sharing your progress with your mates -- either in person or using social media -- means you're likely to hit your next personal best. 

Finding the right social workout for you is easier than ever

Social apps now connect you with others who share your interests in a matter of moments. And there’s so many apps out there now that can help you with your personal goals. Don’t stop with  your own personal network!

HeyFit, for example, let’s you find a fitness buddy nearby with like-minded interests. It also makes it easy to find fitness groups or a trainer who can help you with your fitness goals. All you need to do is download the app to your mobile to get started. 

Would you run more often if you were guaranteed to have a buddy or two who were keen to come along? Would your training be more exciting with a team feel or an outdoor focus?

Use ASICS Move Club to get your social fix

Whether you’re looking to extend your fitness network or shake up your routine, ASICS Move Club - Auckland will help you get more from your workout.  

Where: The new ASICS Store, just off Queen St at 3 Shortland Street. 
When: Meets up every Thursday at 6:00 p.m.
How to join: Completely free! Just turn up.

MOVE Crew 1 - The Running Sensei's can help you get ready for your next race. This group tackles 6 to 10 km routes week after week. Experience Auckland differently as you run toward the bay or through downtown. 

MOVE Crew 2 - The Fitness Explorer's will change your perspective. Setting off from the central city, you put the urban environment to use in ways you haven’t thought about before. You’ll never look at a staircase or a park bench the same way.

Keen to sign up? Just follow us on Facebook and see when our next event is. Feel free to share this social invite with your friends and family. 

Remember to keep moving

Firm up your fitness goals so you can track your progress, and remember to register for your next ASICS Move Club training session. 

Social exercise is all about variety, having fun and taking the next step in your fitness journey. Get the most from your training each week!
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