Every day, Kiwi’s are lacing up their running shoes and hitting the court, field or turf – and ASICS is right there beside them.

For the past 40 years, ASICS has been involved in sporting events, sponsoring athletes and supporting local and national teams and organisations, all over New Zealand. Across all of our events we have over 70,000 participates and sponsor over 100 athletes from a broad range of sporting fields.

Whether it’s encouraging runners crossing the finish line at the Queenstown marathon, giving kids their first pair of running shoes, or supporting top athletes to reach their potential, we’re proud to play our part in New Zealand’s sporting culture.

“To us, sponsorship means a lot of things. It’s more than just our brand name on a t-shirt. It’s about encouraging, growing and having an active role in the Kiwi sports across all levels and ages – from full-time professional athletes to the weekend warriors.”

Our sponsorships range from large organisations and national teams, like Netball New Zealand and the Vodafone Warriors, down to individual athletes throughout all stages of their sporting careers. A huge part of our sponsorship is also dedicated to local and national events that encourage a wide range of participants, like the Queenstown Marathon and Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon.

We’re always looking to improve and perfect our ASICS products, and by sponsoring top athletes we are able to get helpful feedback on the performance of our shoes and clothing from the best athletes in the country.

We’re proud to be part of the team

Sponsoring some of New Zealand’s top teams and organisations not only gives us the opportunity to work with incredible athletes, but it also allows us to assist them in Athlete Development programmes and their own work in the New Zealand community. Through Netball NZ, we’ve been able to support the elite players from the ANZ Premiership, BECO National League and National U21 Squad.

Our involvement means we’ve not only been able to help foster the netball scene in New Zealand, but also establish ASICS as the top netball footwear brand in the country.

Teams that “Give Back”

We also value the work organisations like the Vodafone Warriors are doing in the community, and the drive they have to inspire a love for sports in the younger, developing generations.

For a lot of our athletes, the first time they put on a pair of running shoes was a pivotal moment towards their sporting careers. We love being a part of those moments.

Just recently, Vodafone Warrior Albert Vete went to Panmure Bridge School to present 6 young students with their own pair of ASICS running shoes as a reward for their training for the school cross country. “The look on their faces as they were presented with the shoes was priceless,” said Albert.

As a brand, we value the opportunity to collaborate on “Give Back” initiatives like these. We believe that inspiring and creating opportunity for young sportspeople is hugely important, and we’re excited to see these initiatives grow in New Zealand.

Encouraging everyone to get involved in sports

Part of what ASICS loves about New Zealand, is that we’re such an active nation. Whether it's kicking a ball around the rugby field, hitting the tennis ball, or running along the beach. And we love supporting active events that encourage and grow this passion for sports.

Across all of the events we sponsor, there are over 70,000 participants, young and old, beginner and elite. Whether it's helping school kids get involved with the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon, or supporting thousands of runners as they take on the Auckland Marathon.

The beauty of these events is that they cater for all ages and abilities, and do a great job of supporting an active lifestyle in New Zealand – something that our brand is passionate about.

As a technical performance brand, we believe in the value of educating everyone on the importance of using quality footwear and clothing, and sponsoring these events is a great opportunity to do this.

Helping athletes reach their potential

For some of our individual athletes, like Ross Taylor and Katrina Grant, ASICS has been there since day one of their careers. When it comes to our individually sponsored athletes, our goal is to support them throughout as much of their professional sporting careers as possible.

By establishing long-term relationships with our athletes, we’re not only able to sponsor them with our products, but encourage them to become ambassadors for our brand and play a role in growing their sport in New Zealand.  

“Being a part of the Silver Ferns has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl! Living that dream motivates me to be the best that I can be and hopefully I can inspire others to strive to live their dream too.”

Athletes that inspire others

Top athletes can have an enormous influence in their sport, not just at the pro level, but at the grassroots level too. ASICS recognises that our athletes’ involvement with younger generations is a huge part of promoting their sport in New Zealand.

When ASICS sponsored tennis player, Michael Venus, was younger, he would hang around the local tennis courts a lot, always looking up to the older players. Now, as one of New Zealand’s top tennis players and with a French Open Championship under his belt, Michael is able to inspire kids just like him.

During this year’s ASB Classic, Venus shared the court with over 40 young tennis players who got the special opportunity to try and return his serve. “Even if it inspires one kid to keep playing or get interested in the game, I think it’s great,” says Venus.

Like Venus, so many of our athletes started out being inspired by their own sporting heroes. As a brand, we love the fact that our athletes can inspire the next generation to pursue their sporting passions.

Whether it’s sponsoring events, educating families or supporting athletes, ASICS is committed to remaining actively engaged in the Kiwi sporting community – and we’re excited to see it grow in the future.

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