FLYTEFOAM™ is a trademarked name for the ASICS lightweight materials engineered for an ultimate long-distance running experience.

What is FLYTEFOAM™ made of?

FLYTEFOAM™ technology is a variety of midsole foam materials, or as we call the ‘cake mix’ of ingredients that is continually being developed at ASICS with a goal to reduce weight and improve performance. Originating from copolymer foam material known as EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), the variations of foam have different characteristics of cushioning, ‘bounce back’ (retention), and durability. The most important factor of FLYTEFOAM™ technology for shoes is the ‘rideability’, with the result being a comfortable and smooth feel underfoot. Our search is never-ending to improve on the outstanding materials that are used in our shoe technologies.

FLYTEFOAM™ features designed to improve performance

Researchers at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) study body movements before developing top-of-the-line technologies, such as FLYTEFOAM™.

“What makes it [FLYTEFOAM™] different from our previous EVA foams we have used is that it's lighter and softer," explained AJ Andrassy, Global Director of Performance Running Footwear at ASICS. "But [the shoe] provides the same amount of cushion and protection.”

The advancements of FLYTEFOAM™

Since FLYTEFOAM™ made its debut, ASICS has been engineering improvements to the technology that have reached new heights.


When comparing FLYTEFOAM™ to other EVA materials, FLYTEFOAM™ is lighter, yet no cushioning is lost in the production process.

2. FF™ Blast

FF™ Blast is a cushioning foam material with excellent bounce. It absorbs high shock levels for long-distance runs and may provide some protection against ankle, shin and knee injuries.

3. FF™ Blast Turbo

This recent version is built with a wide base composed of lightweight FLYTEFOAM™. ASICS also added a carbon fiber plate for firmness that provides an extra pop at higher speeds. A balanced rocker helps propel you through your stride.


FF BLAST Plus™ foam technology is 19% lighter than FF BLAST™ foam technology.


Bouncy, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Made from at least 20% bio-based material from renewable sources such as leftover waste from sugar case processing.

What is ASICS FLYTEFOAM Technology

ASICS running shoes with FLYTEFOAM™ technology

ISS engineers allow ASICS to develop new and exciting products. ASICS’ advanced designs reflect company officials' ever-expanding biomechanical knowledge of racing, running and walking.

ASICS strives to combine excellent cushioning and comfort with balance and stability. Soles are produced for greater grip and traction on different surfaces. Some of ASICS’ technologies are featured among our latest releases.


The GEL-NIMBUS™ shoe is packed with FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO technology and is one of our most cushioned premium running shoes . The product was engineered for sustainability and performance.

Designed with recycled materials, the mesh upper provides better support, breathability, and comfort. Treads provide traction and support your stride from footstrike to lift-off. It wraps the foot like a second skin and is available in men's shoe models and women's shoe models.


The newest GEL-KAYANO sees the addition of 20% more lightweight FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning and a 4mm increase in stack height. Creating cloud-like softness in every step and improving the comfort level of the GEL-KAYANO™ compared to its predecessors. Available in styles for men and styles for women.


The NOVABLAST™ shoe includes FF BLAST™ PLUS technology for a lighter and more responsive feel underfoot. This cushioning is paired with geometric cutouts in the midsole for a soft landing with every footstrike, as well as an energetic rebound.

In the newest version of this series a plush spring is fitted under the foot for extra responsiveness. Inspired by trampolines the concave shape gives you extra bounce on every step.

This product also includes a TPU head stabiliser for a balanced stride. Check out the men’s NOVABLAST and women’s NOVABLAST models.


The METASPEED™ series is engineered with FLYTEFOAM™ BLAST TURBO technology for the lightest and bounciest midsole offered by ASICS. For runners seeking to top their personal best, this is an appropriate choice.

Top-grade compression absorbs each shock from foot strike and returns the energy at toe-off. The sole is curved to help protect your ankles through your stride. The full-length carbon plate provides firm base support.

FLYTEFOAM™ technology for every type of runner

FLYTEFOAM™ is one of many forms of advanced technology harnessed by ASICS to elevate athletes of diverse running styles and needs. ASICS can get you to the finish line.

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