Improve how you run

Our new Energy Saving Series is designed to save energy and propel you forward, featuring new GUIDESOLE TECHNOLOGY for a shock-absorbent landing and a more efficient stride for the long run.

We took the EVORIDE 2 and GLIDERIDE 2 to the streets of Auckland to find out what everyday runners thought of our latest additions to the Energy Saving Series.

Evoride 2 - Mens


The lightweight EVORIDE™ 2 shoe features a curved sole for a fast, efficient stride that feels effortless.

With proven technology to help runners feel fresher for longer while creating a comfortable ride. 


Scientifically proven to save energy over the long run, the GLIDERIDE™ 2 shoe makes running further feel easier—so you can focus on the feeling ahead of you, not the kilometres behind you.

Glideride 2 womens