When almost everyone else Is willingly eager to forget about twenty-twenty, I am willing to do the opposite. There are so many positive things I want to lift and appreciate about this year. Things that it made me a better person on so many levels and a better runner. There are so many deeds, actions, lessons, values, qualities, perspectives and much more that has been learned and gained. So why should I write this year off as a failure and surrender before the status quo.

"Learn to appreciate the things you have before time forces you to appreciate the things you once had" - John Spence.

twenty-twenty was a great teacher  

Let us think about this year for a moment from another perspective. Let us look at it as our great teacher, because believe or not we all graduated from it, some with higher grades than other, while some just happy to get through it safe and sound or even more inspiring about hearing some really did amazing comebacks even with the toughest conditions. 

Its always when things becomes harder we discovers new things about ourselves. Either we crack or we learn and adapt. It is with adversity we grow, find new solutions and transform. Twenty-twenty is a great teacher because not only it have ignited our imagination, creativity, hope and prepared us for the worst but also revealed that we are capable of doing and achieving a lot of deeds even with the hardest times. Twenty-twenty showed us that we can come together, show kindness, improve but most importantly choose what and who is important to us. So when are options are scaled to a handfull we start prioritizing and pic the things and people who are closest to out heart. 

The reason I wanted to write this blogg just to share my thoughts about the things I think we were able to do in 2020 that are of greatest importance to continue doing in twenty-twenty one and maybe do it better both as runners and as human being.

  1. Mental strengthThink about it for a moment how much frustrations, anger, disappointments, etc... we had to deal with in 2020. We were all been thrown into battles somehow none of us were prepared to take. But look at this way, if you are reading this, then you made it, big time!! So no matter what curveballs 2021 will throw at us we are somehow prepared and equipped mentally to take on new battles. 
  2. High levels of ingenuity: This is one of the most fascinating things about humans and the power of adaptation. We managed to find solutions despite total lockdowns, quarantines and staying at home. The amount of videos that been posted online about home training was overwhelming big, and many of these exercises will continue on making its way through 2021 as well. 
  3. Digitalizing: Yes, I prefer physical meetings and face to face forums but seriously we should continue using this kind of tool, to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  4. Choose what is important for you: time is a limited resource, don't waste it on people and things that doesn't  add value to your life. Be intentional with everything you do. The passion for running and movement is too important to just let that go. But knowing there is a pandemic ongoing and traveling is uncertain at the moment we will never know when it will be safe to race again, maybe sticking to virtual racing at the moment is a good motivator. And why not just continue to enjoy the process. Self-care is a priority. 
  5. There is power in stillness: It is so easy to get caught up in busy mix. We take pride in having every hour filled with something to do. I realized that the most giving moments of this year were not marked with exhaustion or a block of training plan. Instead, they were marked with listning to my body and reflecting. When I had the courage to stop and to listen to my heart and my mind, I grew the most. There is immense power in being still.
  6. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks: This year, I’ve tried Crossfit, meditating, creative writing, invested in my photography and so many other things that I never considered doing before. We should continue on doing more of the things that make us happy and definitely try new things and grow with it. I will write a New Years resolutions check list and smash it in 2021. 
  7. Gratitude: Be thankful, and appreciate the things you have. Developing an attitude of gratitude will give confidence and give more self-esteem. So maintaining a gratitude list maybe isn't that bad.

Twenty-twenty one is going to start the same way 2020 ended, unless some kind of miracle happens into midnight and all our problems will go away which its very unlikely to happen. Therefore we should try and use the mindset we gained in 2020 to live by it in 2021, I mean twenty-twenty one could only be better. We surely does not know what the year has for us, but at least we will get into it prepared, hard skinned and ready! SO BRING IT 

                 Happy new year and thank you all ❤️ 



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