A Neo-Vintage Masterpiece Unveiled

Introducing the ASICS SportStyle EX89™ by FOXTROT UNIFORM, a collaboration with the innovative Singapore-based fictional archive brandFrom 1989 to the present and all the way back, it is a project in creating new memories from nuances of the past. This exclusive release marks a significant milestone for Foxtrot Uniform, known for its unique approach in spearheading the neo-vintage movement within the sneaker community.

Positioning itself as a fictional archive brand, Foxtrot Uniform specialises in curating retail experiences with a neo-vintage flair. Notable for its vintage markers, the brand allows sneaker enthusiasts to give their shoes a faux vintage look. The aged laces, inspired by 1980s aesthetics, further accentuate the brand's dedication to replicate the essence of vintage sneakers.

About Foxtrot Uniform

Foxtrot Uniform was born out of the love of OG footwear. The weathered history, natural patina and the quality of its construction influenced their footwear accessories making Foxtrot Uniform's products truly 'functional archive'.


The Silhouette — EX89: A Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

ASICS SportStyle EX89™ is a basketball shoe that was once a sports shoe originally coined the GEL-EXTREME, designed by Toshikazu Kayano, one of ASICS' most renowned designers. The GEL-EXTREME was known for its stability, support, and innovative GEL™ cushioning technology, making it a favourite among pro athletes. For the present, ASICS revived the GEL-EXTREME as the EX89 made for daily wear.

The Collaboration — Foxtrot Uniform's Neo-Vintage Treatment

For this landmark project, Foxtrot Uniform infuses the EX89™ with its signature neo-vintage treatment. The meticulous detailing includes chalky edges, aged soles, faux glue stains, and cracked leather panels, all aimed at capturing the nuanced aesthetic of a vintage sneaker. To dial it up, the imprint upgrades the upper with premium suede accents and leather detailing. The objective is clear – to create a wearable sneaker infused with the charm of the vintage aesthetic.