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Ready to take your netball game to the next level? ASICS’ specially designed netball gear is trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike, thanks to its versatile, durable and safe design. Whether you’re leaping to intercept, positioning to shoot or sprinting to catch a key pass, you can be confident that your netball gear won’t let you down.

When choosing netball gear, you should be looking for kit which truly matches the needs of the sport. Your netball shoes must provide added cushioning for those high-jump landings, plus dependable grip to stop you sliding on court – especially if you’re playing in wet conditions. When you know you can depend on your netball gear, you can focus all your attention on winning the game.

To complement your outfit, browse our range of breathable women’s clothing for any weather, and explore our range of women’s bags and packs to carry your gear to and from training.