ASICS women’s sports clothing: superior design for every sport

Limits? They’re made for pushing. ASICS’ women’s sportswear gives you the complete kit for a longer, stronger workout. Whether you’re pounding pavements, trail running, playing team sports or taking exercise classes at the gym, our range of women’s clothing gives you maximum comfort and style. 

Sports wear for women of every level

Whether you’re just getting back into fitness or are an experienced exercise enthusiast, our women’s gym wear and running clothing provides you with premium quality gear to make the most of your sport. Browse our collections to find a wide variety of women’s tops, leggings, shorts, and skirts, as well as kits designed for the needs of specific sports such as tennis, netball and volleyball - not to mention running and women’s gym clothes. 

Why you need sports and gym clothes for women

Whether you’re running marathons, heading to gym classes or playing team sports, it’s vital to wear specially designed women’s sports clothing. Just as you wouldn’t go running in a pair of leather office shoes, wearing the wrong clothes to exercise in will also reduce the efficacy of your training. 

ASICS’ women’s clothing incorporates the latest sports clothing technology, including innovative moisture-wicking designs, breathable fabrics, sophisticated meshing to keep you fresh, plus other key features to make your workout effortless, cool and comfortable – and looking good.

We designed our leggings, jackets and sporty tops for women based on research into how women’s bodies work, so you know your sports clothing is perfectly suited to your needs. And of course, with their stylish design, you can match up different elements of ASICs sports and gym clothes for women to get the style and shape you want. 

Match your clothes up with our women’s running shoes and women’s accessories for the complete outfit.