ASICS men’s tank tops: reliable comfort and style

Browse our range of classic shaped men’s tank tops to find your ideal style. ASICS’ men’s tank tops give you the lightweight, moisture-free and effortless outfit you need for those long road runs or power sessions at the gym.

Men’s tank tops are all about temperature regulation. By allowing air to circulate more easily over your skin, you can exercise without visible sweat patches forming on your clothes, and stay cool during exercise sessions. Tanks tops for men are the ideal kit for gyms, warm weather running, plus various sports like tennis and volleyball

How to choose a tank top for men

Men’s tank tops come in a range of materials and styles. However, if you plan to exercise on tank tops for men, then you need a shirt made from lightweight materials such as polyester or nylon. These materials ‘wick’ away moisture from your skin which means it can evaporate more easily. 

If you plan to workout in a tank top, do not choose a top made from cotton - this will absorb moisture, leading to friction, overheating and discomfort. All ASICS singlets and men tank tops use advanced, moisture-wicking materials. 

Key features of ASICS men’s tank tops

We designed our men’s vest tops specifically with the serious athlete in mind, incorporating a range of high-tech materials and features which help to maximise and energise your sessions. We’ve packed in crucial elements such as mesh for rapid moisture release, reflective bars that help make sure drivers spot you when you’re on the road at night, and our unique MotionDry technology to give you that effortless exercise – not to mention our iconic yet understated ASICS branding to make you stand out.

And of course, all our men’s tank tops match perfectly with our men’s clothing lines, accessories and men’s shoes to give you a seamless, consistent and professional look.