ASICS long sleeve running tops men’s

Ideal for running, hiking and working out in the gym, our men’s long-sleeve tops not only look great but also help you perform at your best. Our long-sleeve running tops and long-sleeve gym tops work just as hard as you do, with lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable while you train.

Benefits of men’s long sleeve running tops

The key benefit of long-sleeve tops is that they provide additional warmth which can be a game-changer when you are running outdoors in the cooler months. Using a long sleeve men’s running top allows you to easily layer up your exercise outfit, so you can more easily control your body temperature while out running -  adding or removing layers as you go. 

Long-sleeve running tops can also be especially useful if you are into trail running as they provide additional protection against the elements as well as helping to prevent scratches from low hanging branches or bushes. 

Design elements of ASICS long sleeve running tops men

At ASICS, we’ve designed long-sleeve tops for a variety of specific use cases. Whether it is for brisk morning runs or working out in the gym, browse our men’s running tops to find the right men’s long-sleeve shirts and tops for you. Our black long-sleeve tops, white long-sleeve tops and shirts in other colours mean you can match the tone and style up with the rest of your wardrobe. Many of our long sleeve running top men’s lines are made using recycled materials, meaning they benefit the planet too. 

We also provide men’s long sleeve zip tops which allow you to control air flow and temperature around your neck and chest, without having to fully remove the top. This gives you even more control. 

Layer up your long sleeve tops with our extensive range of men’s running clothing, men’s running jackets and short-sleeve t-shirts so you can find high-performance men’s sporting equipment for every occasion.