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Men's Running Shoes (149)

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ASICS men’s running trainers

Choose ASICS running trainers to power your workout and surpass your goals. Popular with casual enthusiasts, serious marathon runners and professional athletes alike, our men’s running shoes have a global reputation for superior comfort, incredible durability plus iconic style and design features which make you stand out from the crowd.

ASICS running trainers are chosen by leading UK athletes like Josh Griffiths and Luke Gunn - so you’ll be in good company. 

ASICS running trainers heritage

Whether you are into further running, track and field, trail running or clocking up the miles on your gym’s machines, we have got the perfect running trainers for your workout. We have been designing running shoes for men for seven decades and have a deep understanding of how to build perfect footwear for different types of terrain and usage. 

For example, our trail running shoes come with extra thick lugs on the sole to give you stability on unpredictable surfaces. Meanwhile, our road running shoes are more streamlined and lightweight, allowing you to push-off efficiently from smooth surfaces again and again. 

Running shoes for men’s bodies

Your footwear is your most important bit of kit as a runner. It’s therefore vital to choose men’s running shoes which match the needs of men’s bodies and running style. This gives you maximum comfort while avoiding unnecessary strain - or even injury.  

Running can put strain on your feet and joints, so it is essential to select running trainers that specifically target the kinds of exercise you do. And that is why we have invested heavily in innovative technologies that match your style and needs – whether it is GoreTex water protection for running in mud and snow, or our unique GEL™ absorbent silicone to take the shock out of running on hard surfaces. 

Men’s running trainers tend to be heavier than women’s running shoes as men usually have a larger frame. This means the shoes need to provide more support throughout the sole. They also tend to be wider to suit men’s feet. 

Browse ASICS’ running shoes for men to find your perfect match or use our Shoe Finder tool to find the right pair for you.