Move freely in ASICS women’s tank tops

Move freely in ASICS women’s tank tops. Whether you’re following forest trails, turning up the heat in a HIIT class or training with your team, our ladies’ tank tops let you exercise in comfort and style. Designed specifically for sport, these ladies tank tops keep you cool, whatever your workout brings.

Why choose tank tops for women?

Sport and gym tank tops for women are a key item in your sporting wardrobe. They are designed to let you make the most of your workout, moving freely and comfortably. 

Tank tops are especially good at helping you manage body temperature and perspiration as they allow air to move more freely over your skin compared to t-shirts. If you notice yourself feeling particularly hot while doing exercise, then choosing women’s tank tops can be a real game changer for your comfort. 

If you’re exercising outdoors in summer (or in a warm gym!) then choosing women’s tank tops can also help manage unwanted perspiration. 

What to look for in a tank top women’s design

When you’re looking for women’s tank tops for sport, it’s vital to choose an item that is specifically designed for doing exercise. You should avoid choosing a ladies tank top made from materials like cotton - this fabric will make you hotter and absorb sweat, which risks causing chafing. 

ASICS tank tops for women use fabrics that let you move freely, working with and not against you. ASICS tank tops make use of fabrics which dissipate heat, wick away moisture so you stay dry from start to finish, and feature mesh panels to keep you cool. What’s more, the use of reflective materials makes sure you are seen in low light.

 With their classic sport style and iconic ASICS branding, these are the complete gym tank tops for women.

Match up your tank top with our fitted sports bras, women’s socks and athletic clothing, and you’ll be set to smash your workout.